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Creating a Replenishment Room for $100 or Less

3/15/2013 (Grief Relief)

A replenishment room can become that place necessary for regrouping following a stressful situation at work or home or this room can be that safe place to go to when you are dealing with the sorrow and emptiness that comes from a deep, inconsolable loss.


The following description of a “Replenishment Room” can help you to create that special place where you can go for a brief time during the day (or evening) to regroup:


  1.  Soft lighting  (bright, fluorescent lights are not conducive to reducing stress)
  2. Green plants – (easy to grow such as ferns, orchids, ivy, spider plants, aloe just to name a few)
  3. Scents of healing (such as chamomile, zen, lavender, vanilla) *Can use a Scentsy so that there are no burning flames from candles
  4. Healing music (preferably without words) i.e. piano, harp, violin, guitar
  5. Books or magazines with healing, calming photos (There are several to choose from)
  6. A digital photo frame with photos of nature (ocean, sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, blue skies, blooming flowers)
  7. A book of positive sayings and quotations
  8. A recliner type chair for total relaxation while listening to soft, healing music or viewing calming photos
  9. A box of tissues
  10. A selection of herbal teas
  11. Disposable cups for the teas
  12. Chilled water (grief and stress cause quick dehydration!) *Mini fridge would be great to have  stocked with the following items:  water, orange juice, non-caffeinated teas
  13. Paint should be a calming color (very soft green or a  very pale yellow are great colors)
  14. One or two nature scene photos hanging on the wall
  15. A microwave for heating water for the hot teas
  16. A selection of crackers (to calm the stomach)  


The above is a beginning point. This “Replenishment Room” will become a safe harbor to those who need a private place to retreat to when experiencing caregiver stress and/or grief.  Allow “privacy” – this should not turn into a gathering place, but should be used for its intended purpose – replenishing the mind, body, and spirit during moments of crises.


It doesn’t have to cost a bundle of money to create your own special place of healing.  You can make this a thrift store do-it-yourself project. This room can easily be completed in $100 or less, and when used for its intended purpose will become your private place of hope and healing!


Best wishes in creating your special place of replenishment!  I’d love to hear from you by way of email when you’ve completed this project.  Perhaps we can even share your photos on this website!  Email me at:  clarahintonspeaker@ Please put “replenishment room” in the subject line.

If you are interested in a workshop or Clara coming to speak to your group, please email Clara at: Every attempt will be made to get back to you within two business days.

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