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How to Recognize a "Red Flag" for a Child Predator

2/12/2015 (Protection from Child Predators)

We live in a world that is full of all kinds of evil.  Yes, I'll call it evil because when a child is harmed I can find no other word to properly describe those kinds of actions against children.


My desire to help parents properly protect their children from molesters continues to be a major force in my life.  In my most recent blog post I have explained in full detail some of the signs to look for. 


As you read this article found in the link below, I ask you to spend time reading and digesting the information available.  Several of you have emailed me telling me that you've come across pictures of children that "just don't seem right" and my words to you are -- "follow your gut feelings."  Most often, if it doesn't seem right, then it isn't.


If you suspect that some form of child abuse is taking place, please report it immediately to your local authorities!!!!  You just might be the one who cared enough to save a child from a lifetime of continued pain!!!


Also, if you are interested in me speaking to your local church group, parent group, or school, please contact me at:


Thank you for continuing to be a voice for the children!!!  Together we are making a huge difference!




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