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Hope Quotes to Help Brighten Your Day

1/23/2013 (Hope for the Day )

If you’re caught in the difficult pain of grief, these “hope quotes” are for you!  Read through them each morning upon waking and each evening before going to bed.  Do this for thirty days and see what a difference this makes in your life!  

1.     Is grief consuming your every thought?  You do have a choice!  For today, take every grief thought and turn it into a positive thought. Repeat:  “I choose life.  I choose healthy eating.  I choose to smile.  I choose 15 minutes of total relaxation.”  You can do it!

2.     Grief takes the melody from your heart for a while.  Why not choose to place that song back in your heart by taking a walk among nature today and allow the birds to sing you a song?  Guaranteed your heart will be lifted and encouraged!

3.    Loss creates a dark cloud of discouragement and pain that seems to linger for a long time.  Take a look at the sky today.  Spend some time studying the clouds.  Look for the silver lining.  I’ll bet you can find it and you’ll also be encouraged!

4.    Grief can cause a crushing pain for a while.  When the pain is at its worse, face it head on and repeat these words:  “I am stronger than this.  I will get through this.  Others have walked this path, and so can I.”  You’ll be amazed at the strength you receive!

5.    Take hold of your brokenness and look at it in a new way.  This is your opportunity to intend a new life.  Each day do one thing that will bring you closer to your life of joy.  Why not treat yourself to a massage today?  You deserve it!

6.    Your life is worth much more than fears.  Take your loss and face it head on with a resolve to find joy once again.  One step taken each day will get your there.  And, the time to begin is right now.  You can do it!  You are much bigger than your fear!

7.    Grief often takes away our ability to breathe.  Stop what you’re doing right now and slowly, steadily breathe in, hold, and breathe out.  Do this three times, and then feel how much energy you just received.  Practice this several times every day!

8.     Do one thing today that will make you feel closer to life.  Walk among a field of blooming flowers.  Watch the majesty of a sunrise.  Hold your kitty close and listen to her purring a happy song.  Experience the joy of living!

It is my hope that as you visualize and practice each of these “hope quotes” that you will see some very real and very positive changes within your life!  Try placing these quotes on post-it notes, too, to make sure you see them many times throughout the day!  Fill your life with hope.

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