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Hope Quotes to Help Lighten Your Day

1/23/2013 (Hope for the Day )

Sometimes we need an extra serving of hope!  There are days when hope seems to disappear and all of life seems dark and dismal.  Read each of these “hope quotes” throughout the day and be encouraged!  

1.    Loss is such an empty word, but hope comes knocking at your door when you least expect it.  Look into a crowd of people today and find a special smile that was made just for you!    

2.    Grief is such a heavy word to carry in your heart.  Try using a different word just for today.  Practice saying “hope” in place of grief and you will feel your burden lighten.

3.    Even though your day might feel very dark and lonely, remember that every day has just the right amount of sunshine to light the path of hope.  Sit for 10 minutes in the sunshine and allow that warmth to penetrate to your heart and feel your pain begin to ease.  

4.    There is a season for everything, and even though this is your season of winter, remind yourself often that spring is coming soon with countless new beginnings.  And, the best part is that your spring will arrive right on time!

5.    Living through loss can be so lonely that it makes our physical bodies ache.  Take time out each day to snuggle up with a teddy bear or fluffy, soft pillow and feel your body relax.

6.    Loss is not our choice.  How we live through loss is our choice.  Do one thing today that is a mini step towards living again.  Repeat five times, “I can do this and I will!”

7.    When we are in deep grief, our bodies need extra nourishment.  Treat yourself to one special meal of fresh fruits and veggies each day and feel the difference! And, be sure to get in your 8 glasses of water to keep yourself well hydrated!  

8.    There is great healing in music.  Take 15 minutes today to listen to positive, peaceful, hopeful music and feel your body and mind begin to fall into a relaxed state.

9.    Learning to live after loss isn’t easy, but it is necessary.  Take 60 seconds to create a mental picture of how you see your life filling with joy once again.  Do this every day for the next 30 days and watch the miracles begin!

10.    We intensely protect our grief and cling to it.  Try protecting life instead.  Practice saying, “I will see joy in this day” five times each morning and watch your days shift from deep grief to seeing new hope in each day once again.

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