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Predators are Plotting and Planning!

1/23/2013 (Protection from Child Predators)

This brief article is an “introduction” to a series of articles that will be posted concerning the important topic of how to keep your child safe from sexual predators.  We have finally reached a time in history when this is no longer a closed topic, but is one which can be addressed openly and one which needs to be addressed continually.

Sexual predators are on the prey constantly.  This is not something new, but it is something new to the general public.  Children are at great risk due to the mere fact that there is such a lack of knowledge on this topic that the predators have had free reign to roam about seeking out children and taking away their innocence.

In this series of articles we will discuss the different types of sexual predators who seek out children.  We will discuss by definition what a child predator is and what identifying signs to look for when trying to keep your children safe.  We will talk about where predators look for their victims.  There will be discussion in our articles about taking those first important steps in preserving the innocence of your children.  And, as we dig deeper into this topic we will lay out measures that you can take to report suspected molestation of a child.

Children are precious, and they need our help.  They cannot protect themselves from the coniving, manipulative measures a predator takes to seek out our children to use for their self-gratification and for the purpose of feeling the power and the surge of importance that they get from the control over these innocent ones.

If you have specific areas you would like discussed in these upcoming articles, please be sure to email me at and put “protect the child” in the subject line.  

It is my desire to give you valuable, trustworthy information based on the research and knowledge of experts in this field.  In no way do I label myself as an expert in this field; however, I have had training about identification of sexual predators and I have spent hundreds of hours speaking with victims of child sexual abuse.  I also was married for almost forty years to a man who was a practicing pedophile.  His “secret life” was unknown to me until his arrest.  As I look back on my own life living with a pedophile, with the knowledge I now possess, I can see numerous red flags that should have brought his behavior to light.  It is my intent to share that knowledge with you through this series of articles.

Please be sure to share this information with others as it is our responsibility to “protect our children from all harm”!

If you are interested in a workshop or Clara coming to speak to your group, please email Clara at: Every attempt will be made to get back to you within two business days.

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