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Resiliency is Like a Rubberband

1/23/2013 (Resilience)

When I think of resiliency, I think of a rubberband.  It gets stretched and pulled out of shape, but it always comes back to its original form fulfilling its purpose of holding things together.  Think about that for a minute.  Visualize yourself like a rubberband – being stretched and pulled in every direction by the events in life.  Yet, when you exercise your resilency, you manage to remain focused on who you are and you continue to do what you're called to do each and every day.

“When life hands you a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade.”  We've heard that saying hundreds of times before, but it's one of the best pieces of advice anyone can receive.  Everybody alive is going to be handed a lemon.  In fact, most of us will be handed lots of lemons, so we might as well make a conscious decision to take those lemons and squeeze them and make the best lemonade possible!  Just like the rubberband, we will be stretched, pulled, put into difficult circumstances, but....when this happens and we combine that with the lemonade philosophy, our resiliency kicks in and the end product is delicious, satisfying lemonade!

An example of this was when I was in Junior High, I wanted to be on the basketball team more than anything I had ever wanted in life up to this time.  I worked hard practicing my plays.  Every spare second I had I was shooting hoops.  I studied the game, memorized plays, and visualized myself as playing on the team for my school.  When the day of tryouts came, I played hard and I played good!  I went home knowing that I made the team.  However, when the announcement of who made the cut came out, my name wasn't called.  I sat on the bench feeling the tears welling up.  I can remember running from the gym, and continuing to run all the way home (which happened to be two miles), throwing myself across my bed, and sobbing uncontrollably for hours.  

My mother's only words were, “Something better will come along.”  

The next weeks in school were hard watching three of my best friends suit up every day for basketball practice.  But, then something came along that I had never thought about.  There were tryouts for color guard.  There was a little spark in me that nudged me to go for it.  So, I went to every one of those practices, and then when I got home from school I worked even harder practicing what I learned for hours every day.

Tryouts came, and not only did I make a position on color guard, but I beat out several others for the position of “Captain of the Color Guard”!  The following year, not only did I lead our band in every football game, but I got to lead our color guard and band in Atlantic City for the Miss America Pageant!

Resiliency – the ability to bounce back just like a rubberband.  Look at your life today.  Choose a lemon and work on squeezing it hard into making some of the best tasting lemonade you've ever had!

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