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Practicing a "Take Fifteen"

1/20/2013 (Grief Relief)

When we're going through a loss of any kind (death, loss of dreams, broken relationship, loss of health, etc.) we usually have one thing in mind: getting relief from the ongoing pain. But, how do we do that?

One simple thing I've found effective is to use put a limit on the grieving you do for the day. In the early days of raw grief when grief is all-consuming, this might not be possible, but as you progress in your grief beyond a few months, it's important to be certain that your grief is not what always defines you. That's where the “take fifteen” comes into play.

Set your timer and take fifteen minutes to grieve hard – cry, scream, yell, punch your pillow – do whatever you feel is necessary to release some of the pain. No, you're not crazy. You're just letting go of some of the grief.

After this “take fifteen”, then make a very conscious decision to set aside your grief for the remainder of the day and make every attempt to focus your thoughts on only the blessings of the day. The more time you spend focusing on blessings, the more blessings you will discover.

At first, this might seem like an overwhelming exercise to do, but when you practice this “take fifteen” daily for thirty days, I guarantee you'll feel like a ton of grief has been lifted off of your shoulders!

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