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Married to a Pedophile: Nine Empowering Words for Victims of Abuse

9/17/2014 (Protection from Child Predators)

Pedophiles don't "get it" and even if they did, they would still continue to molest young children.  They don't get how harmful their actions are to a child.  They don't even begin to understand that what they are doing is the most horrible of crimes.  Why?  Because they are doing the one thing they want to have -- control and self-gratification emotionally and physically even at the expense of young innocent children.


How do I know?  How can I be certain?  Aside from recently reading countless books on pedophiles who molest children, I was married to a child molester for almost forty years.  He lived a double life, and I didn't have a clue!  That's just how good they are at controlling others!


One word I have come to dislike is the word "victim" because it indicates lack of strength.  And, the word "victim" is often used to define a person, rather than describe the horrendous actions they've endured.


There are nine empowering words for those who have experienced abuse.  They are words that should be used by every person alive who has ever fallen prey to victimization.  


The time to become empowered is now!  And, it can be done!!!  Please read these words, print them off, post them where you can see them first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed!!! 


And, if you have ever been abused, please read this blog beginning here.  It's time for us to be proactive and push the pedophile into a corner where there is no way he can possibly get to our children.  It's time for us to do all we can to get educated so that we can save our children from the horrible actions of child molestation.


Thank you for reading this blog, .  Thank you for sharing.  And, thank you for doing all you can to help become a voice that is heard around the world.  We WILL learn how to keep our children safe!!!




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