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Married to a Pedophile : Why I Stayed in an Abusive Relationship

2/2/2014 (Protection from Child Predators)

Pedophiles know how to manipulate adults just as much as they manipulate children.  In my marriage, there was a lot of emotional abuse as is the case for most women who are married to molesters.  I didn't know what was going on as far as the molesting, but I did know that the marriage was not a healthy one.  It was an abusive relationship, and I wanted to leave, but.........


Find out here why I didn't leave this abusive marriage until many years later.


If you are in an abusive relationship I urge you to get help NOW and make plans to leave! 


If you are in a situation where you suspect molestation is going on to a child, please remove that child from the situation!  I cannot say this enough:  If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isnt.  Please do all you can to keep our precious children safe from the heinous crimes of a pedophile!


Share this blog.  Become a voice for the children.  If you are in need of a speaker at your school, church, camp group, or other places where there are children, please contact me at: .  It is my hope and prayer that together we will become a strong voice for the children!  Let's do all we can to keep them safe!




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