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"Alerts" -- Possible Signs of a Pedophile in the Home

4/19/2013 (Protection from Child Predators)

Rather than write an article this week, I have decided to direct you to my blog post dealing with some "alerts" that are precursors to identification of a pedophile in the home. Pay special attention to someone who is highly "secretive", "non-communicative with the spouse", "gives you the feeling that something is not right", "is very controlling", and "who would rather spend time with children than adults", and who is "highly visible within the community, especially the church" but who "neglects the needs of the spouse."  All of these were signals -- special alerts -- that something is not right. 


This doesn't mean that every person with the above qualities is a pedophile, but as I build on this foundation in the blog, you will begin to see the patterns for identification emerge. 


I will be making several blog entries about this, and ask that you click on the "Join This Site" button to become a follower of my blog so that you don't miss any of this valuable information.


Clara's Blog Post on Pedophiles


Let's do all we can to keep our precious children safe!



Clara Hinton


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